Lifting Strap Instructions

Hold the strap so the sewn loop is toward your body and the longer section is away from you.


Place the strap across your wrist.


Loop the strap around your wrist so the longer section goes between your thumb and index finger,  then insert the longer section through the loop and pull tight to your wrist.



When looking at your palm it should look like this.


Place your hand on the bar in an overhand position with the strap to the inside of the bar.


Loop the strap around the bar towards you as many times as it feels comfortable.


Once wrapped it should look like this.


Grasp the strap and tighten by rolling it toward you. (Think revving a motorbike).


Repeat with the other hand.


These straps will need breaking in and may be slippery for the first few uses.

Caution: Improper use or using without due care may result in injury to yourself or others around you. Take care when using this product.