Fratton Gym Summer Strongman 2017

Do you like watching people lift ridiculously heavy weights and pulling some pretty funny faces? Well that’s exactly what happened on the 8th of July in Fratton Gym in Portsmouth! If you didn’t go, you missed out!

We went down to watch Fratton Gym’s Summer Strongman Competition and to throw in a few prizes for the winners and the day definitely did not disappoint, those guys really earned their prizes. There were 6 events including deadlift for max, farmer’s walk and log press for reps. Each and every competitor came to smash it, with a massive 330kg max deadlift in the intermediates and some of the quickest farmer’s walks we’ve seen.

Although it was a small local event the atmosphere was buzzing, with all the regulars really spurring each other on. What makes these kinds of events even better is the level of camaraderie not only from the spectators but also from the other competitors and it really makes us look forward to the next one to see how far the first timers and even the more veteran competitors can take it.

We have included a slideshow with some of the best pictures of the day and if you would like to see more like this in future, go and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter.


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